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About FoamWorks...


FoamWorks is a leading insulation contractor dedicated to the quality installation of spray foam insulation. FoamWorks has the capacity and expertise to complete projects of all sizes. We offer several spray foam insulation product options to suit the needs of any project. As a result, FoamWorks can be your comprehensive insulation contractor.

Since 2005, the success of FoamWorks has been built on the commitment to quality, value and professionalism apparent in all of it’s work. Our solid reputation is confirmed regularly by our numerous repeat clients and through constant referrals. FoamWorks provides spray foam insulation services to builders, contractors and homeowners.

FoamWorks undertakes both residential and commercial projects in Toronto, Mississauga, and all other locations in the GTA and Southern Ontario. FoamWorks also travels to cottage country, installing spray foam insulation in cottages and country homes.


Our Environmental Commitment

Green building practices and energy efficient design have become important priorities to Canadian housing consumers. Not only does a green building reduce its environmental footprint, it provides a healthier and more comfortable living and working environment. Perhaps the most important element of energy efficient design is the building envelope, of which insulation is a key component. Building insulation has come a long way since it came into common use in the middle part of the last century.

Conventional methods of insulating are quickly becoming as outdated as the coal powered furnace or the single pane window. Spray foam insulation is no longer considered radical, but rather a sensible choice for all home and building owners who value comfort, energy conservation and the environment. While the spray foam we use is soy based and partially composed of recycled plastics, the superior level of energy efficiency it provides is what really makes our spray foam green!


We use the best! We use… Polarfoam Soya and Walltite Eco premium spray foam insulations! See the products page for more information.

While having the best product installed in your home is essential, having the best contractor install it for you is just as important, as a product will only be as effective as it’s installation allows. FoamWorks guarantees the quality installation of it’s products!
Polarfoam Soya & Walltite Eco

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We use only products that are made in Canada!

"We have been able to count on FoamWorks to proivide quality and reliable service for a reasonable cost."

- Andrew K.

"FoamWorks has become our exclusive spray foam insulation contractor. They are always on time, on budget and do a great job."

- Jurek P. Rusand Homes